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Announcement for the selection of photo worshop coordinators – March 29, 2021

SC Arte Development & Management SRL, partner in the project “Diversity in Arts. Learning Opportunities & Growth – DIALOG ”, financed by the EEA Grants 2014 – 2021 within the RO-CULTURA program, organizes the Walk & Shoot Photography Festival in May, year 2021. Within the festival we will carry out the following types of photography workshops:

• Portrait photography workshop in natural light;

• Beauty photography workshop in the studio;

• Serial portrait photography workshop;

• Performance photography workshop (theater, dance and performance);

• Urban landscape photography workshop;

• Photography workshop for teenagers (introduction to technique and composition);

• Portofolio review;

• Documentary photography workshop;

• Street photography workshop.

The workshops consist of a theoretical introduction to the photographic genre, coordinating photographic practice sessions, including providing individual support to each participant and providing a feedback session for participants.

We are looking for coordinators for the aforementioned workshops. Coordinators must meet the following conditions:

1. Experience in the photographic genre of the targeted photo workshop;

2. To ensure the necessary means for the targeted workshop.

The workshops will take place between May 21 and 30, 2021.

Interested persons are invited to submit offers by 7 April 2021 containing at least:

• Indication of the photo workshop (s) that they could coordinate from the list above;

• Indication of the cost for the services provided;

• Contacts.

The offer will be submitted in original at the project implementation office located at 68 Popa Tatu Street, Sector 1, Bucharest. For additional information please contact Andreea Leu (project assistant) by phone at 0721 282 124 or by e-mail at The selected persons will be contacted by April 12, 2021.