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“Libretto Impostura” at Caleido2021

“Libretto Impostura” is a fake libretto about imposture. It’s a sad comedy. The show is the second part of the Libretto trilogy. “Libretto Impostura” is a collective show, in which the band members aim to debate imposture – sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s tragic, sometimes it’s necessary and in many cases it’s absurd. The imposture exists, the imposture syndrome exists, and the show does not aim to judge the imposture but to discover it and eventually to understand and accept it.

Directed by Matei Lucaci-Grünberg
Text: Matei Lucaci-Grünberg, Sever Bârzan, Radu Dragomirescu, Mariana Gavriciuc and the band Jamais-Vu and sources of inspiration (Alexandru Tatos, Oliver Sacks, P.T. Anderson)
With: Ștefan Huluba, Teodora Dincă, Sever Bârzan, Mihaela Sîrbu, Alexandru Papadopol and Alexandru Ivănoiu
Choreography: Mariana Gavriciuc
Scenography: Flavia Barabas
Costume: Iolanda Mutu jr.
Sound design: Sever Bârzan

A Caleido production

Release date: 2020