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CALEIDO – multicultural festival of performing arts: 20 shows, online, May 21 – 25

Caleido, the multicultural festival of performing arts that aims to discover and promote cultural and ethnic diversity, has reached its fourth edition, which will take place between 21 and 25 May 2021. The shows can be watched online, live or recorded, for free.

Caleido presents 20 independent theater, dance and performance productions that open minds and talk about current topics, seven of which are Caleido productions, four of which will be seen for the first time.

This year is a difficult one for the independent cultural sector – the one that the festival represents through the selected shows -, the instability and the continuous reconfiguration are the hallmarks of these months, challenges to which we try to respond creatively and flexibly. The selection of shows in this edition of Caleido continues the directions developed in the previous years – cultural and ethnic diversity, dialogue and constructive debate – with emphasis on a number of themes that we find relevant in the current context: stereotypes, feminism, communities, recent history. The theme of the festival – society – avoids generalization through the magnifying glasses we choose to apply to it, stimulating the various perspectives and encouraging a positive confrontation of ideas. ” – Andreea Novac, artistic director for Caleido.


Ziua I, 21 May

18:30: Pe ei! (dir: Ionuț Caras, open call)

19:30: Bambina, regina florilor (dir: Mihai Lukacs)

20:00: Domeniul luptei (dir: Catinca Drăgănescu)

20:30: Libretto Impostura (dir: Matei Lucaci-Grunberg, premiere; produced by Caleido 2020)

Ziua II, 22 May

18:30: American Gypsy (dir: Mihai Lukacs)

19:30: APR [Adorație Performance-ului Radical] (by/with: Irina Milan, Paul Dunca/Paula Dunker, Waana Neagu, Raj Alexandru/Ramya, Alex Bălă și Octavian ; premiere; carte blanche; produced by Caleido 2020)

20:00: Pelicanul (dir: Florin Liță, produced by Caleido 2019)

20:30: Reverse discourse (dir/with: Ioana Marchidan)

Ziua III, 23 May

18:30: Infinit pozitiv (dir: Alex Fifea)

19:30: Bildungswoman (dir: Elena Morar; premiere; produced by Caleido 2020; open call)

20:00: Magic is a condition that kills people in all kinds of performative hazards (dir/with: Andreea Novac și István Téglás, produced by Caleido 2019)

20:30: Singurătatea pietrelor (dir: Norbert Boda)

Ziua IV, 24 May

18:30: Uitasem (dir: Gabriel Sandu, open call)

19:30: Aleea stereotipurilor (coordinated by: Ionuț Oprea, Mădălina Dorobanțu, produced by Caleido 2019)

20:00: Bad Mamma (dir/with: Valentina De Piante Niculae)

20:30: Daughters (dir: Simona Deaconescu)

Ziua V, 25 May

18:30: Limite (dir: Radu Apostol)

19:30: Domnișoara Iulia (dir: Andrei și Andreea Grosu; premiere; produced by Caleido 2020)

20:00: Neverland (dir: Iulia Rugină)

20:30: Nu toți sunt eroi (dir/with: Cristina Lilienfeld, Smaranda Găbudeanu)

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