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Walk & Shoot – the photography festival returns between May 21-30 with the second edition

The 2021 edition of Walk & Shoot Fest will take place between May 21 and 30 in Bucharest. For ten days there will be photo workshops with a central theme, online discussions about photography and challenges in the field, an exhibition on diversity on the performing arts scene, as well as a concept store with author prints signed by the collaborating artists of the WS program.

“We chose to talk about the stage – what is happening behind it, in front of it, the people on stage and the people in the audience – given the hiatus of the stage in our lives for more than 1 year. Walk & Shoot Fest 2021 will offer these intimate and as sincere views on the artistic life and life of events during this period through photo workshops and photo projects transformed into exhibitions. Adi Bulboacă, Alina Ușurelu, Andrei Păcuraru, Cristian Crisbășan, Cornel Lazia, Horia Manolache, Ioana Moldovan, Ionuț Staicu and Silviu Gheție will be the photo coordinators, each guiding the participants through important moments for the “stage” such as the photographic documentation of the artists behind the stage, portrait photos with characters from the stage but also with the actors who embody the characters, photos from the height with the place of the scene, photos in front of the stage, etc. – all made within the Caleido Performing Arts Festival (both festivals being part of the Dialogue project). The scene, as a collective character and metaphor for cultural events must return to our eyes to realize how much we missed it and how important it is, in fact, in our lives. “

Andreea Irina Leu – co-founder of the Walk & Shoot brand

“This year I joined the Walk & Shoot team with great enthusiasm and I am happy to work on such a complex program that combines with great creativity my two great passions: photography and the performing arts. We tried to imagine a festival that would bring together the interests of those who take photography as a hobby, but also of those who are professionals in the field. In addition to the workshops with which the Walk & Shoot brand became famous, we also started a Portfolio Reviews program, which, we hope, will support the photographers at the beginning of the road through individual feedback sessions with national and international specialists in the field. Another thing that I really like about this festival is that we ask and ask a lot of questions about ethics, women, retouching, journalism, copyright and many other interesting topics in the field of photography through the W-S Talks events. How do people still look at photography? it is a question to which I am looking for answers as diverse as possible by experiencing the Walk & Shoot 2021 festival as a program manager. ”

Alina Uşurelu, manager of the Walk & Shoot program