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Fountains of the South Map

Considering the organization on site, but also online of the Days of the “Fountains of the South” and of the completion of the performative route – pilot cultural circuit, made up of two parts, we prepared its digital route.

The digital performative route will be used by the public on site for orientation on the map, but also by the public in the digital environment, who will be able to visit – virtually and independently – the route with all the performative gestures. The digital route has an inclusive role, as it is a tool built to provide access to culture and people with reduced mobility.

The digital performative route includes photos made by Cristian Bassa and Dorian Delureanu, descriptions of the geolocated fountains included on the two circuits, written by Roxana Deca. The digital performative route will also include the video installation “What a fountain sees” made by Cristina Irian, editing and sound by Iulia Pană and video sequences with local storytellers, which will add on parks, through which they are presented: stories about how to build a fountain, types of fountains from Bobicești, gestures and practices related to fountains, customs and rituals related to fountains, stories and local events related to fountains from Bobicești, part of the performance and narrative program.