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Singing Bodies’ Trilogy at Caleido2021

SINGING BODIES ’TRILOGY is a three-part contemporary dance performance that encapsulates the kinesthetic and sensory experiences of three choreographers in relation to the city in which they live. It was born as a result of collective research and creation processes carried out both in the public space and in the rehearsal room.

SPOOKY ACTIONS OF A SPOILED GIRL ( Alexandra Bălășoiu, 50’)

I grew up and I have nothing. Yes, no, maybe. Stories heard endlessly. Sparks, smiles and screams are left on the floor, hidden in the last seconds – quickly, quickly, out of breath. God forbid our meeting means anything. God, please protect me from love when I’m not looking for her, hide me from screaming when I’m tired and forget to show me the truth all the time because I like to bathe in misery, listen to TV commercials and I hide behind the blinds in the evening. I have bags full of noise, but they are beautifully drawn, and I am strong – no one knows how heavy they are

Every look stops somewhere, every breath that circulates through me starts from the public space and stretches back into it. I mirror, I contradict, I compose. With each gesture you contribute to the consolidation or destruction of a reference system. Every word favors or confuses our communication.

What do you really want?
Did you get to ask yourself before you answered?

REALITY CHECK (Denis Bolborea, 40’)

Hi, it’s Denis! As you read this text, you actually hear my voice. Or is it your voice? Try to scream. Now whisper ____ What is the intensity of the voice in your mind? Imagine how you could spread it in space. The soundtrack is constantly present, but the way we listen is intermittent. Can we re-orchestrate the city’s discourse? Can we recycle the noise around us, giving it another dimension?

Sometimes the gaze does not reach beyond the lashes and the interior noise exceeds the volume of the city. Information continues to circulate, indifferent to our indifference. We accumulate, we propagate, we transform.

What kind of wave are you?

BAD MAMMA (Valentina de Piante, 40’)

Have you ever imagined that every human being is the answer to a question someone asked?

I am a stranger in my own body, in my own thoughts and in a language from a poorly read book. I spit out projections, lies and fears. I make and undo mistakes. Sometimes that’s what I want to be. To give me visibility, I am a woman, a singer, an artist, a psychoanalyst. I amplify perception, I listen to all the senses, I become several things simultaneously, I have 4 brains and claws. I learn to resonate with what surrounds me, the soul vibrates with the other. I let the unconscious articulate, breathe through the body. I am viscerally imbued with all the identities of meetings. You, the others, are symbols of me. In this night-day, where the notion of time is lost, I must leave everything, to die to be reborn, in this night-day of my resounding soul.

How do we let the unknown be part of us when we think we can control our lives?

Km 0 does not exist. We breathe in an invisible field of emotions, thoughts and sounds.

Concept and interpretation:
REALITY CHECK / Denis Bolborea
BAD MAMMA / Valentina De Piante Niculae
Video projections: Cozlac Andrei
Photo-video: Lavinia Pollak
Sound design: Denis Bolborea, “Acid” by Archai
Light design and graphics: Hermina Stanciulescu
Technical director: Alexandros Raptis
An Indie Box production

Duration: 2h 10 ‘
Release date: 2018