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Impressions from the “around fountains” workshop

On June 20, 2021, a “fountain” workshop took place together with the local storytellers from Bobicești, Olt, with whom the Omnia Photo Association team interacted during the field activity and when creating the fountain map. Together with the local storytellers, the team activated the performative route of the wells with its two circuits.

The workshop took place both in Bobicești, outdoors, at “Fântâna Miresei” in the center of the commune (Strada Bobicești 54, Bobiceşti 237035), and online through Google Meet.

The workshop was attended by over 50 people (on site, but also in the digital environment).

Here are some impressions received from the workshop participants:

“Until about 30 years ago, in the village or in the field, you quenched your thirst at the first well without doubting the goodness of the water. A corner of the village, everyone would clean, the whole country would look more beautiful. So give yourself a corner with all your energy! ” (P.I.)

“We often forget the meaning of the sensible things. We also forget that behind these things are personal stories and events in community life. The workshop was a life lesson, with beautiful people and passionate about what they do. Congratulations, keep on going on and once again, thank you for giving me a different Sunday morning. ” (M.R.)

“I participated with great pleasure in this workshop, I am in love with the village, I was born in the village!” (E.M.)