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Open Days “Fountains of the South”, Bobicești, 14-15 August 2021

The Open Days “Fountains of the South” will take place in the commune of Bobicești, Olt. During the event treasure hunting games will be organized and a historical fountain will be consecrated. The Open days bring to the fore the importance of historical fountains in the commune, customs and rituals related to fountains.

During the two days, 14-15 August 2021, treasure hunting games will be held on the performative routes of the trail as a “marathon” of the historic fountains of Bobicești that emphasize habits and rituals practiced to bring rain in the dry summer months.
On August 15th, the “Fountains of the South” Trophy dedicated to the Open Days will be handover to the winner of the treasure hunt games.
During the two days, six local storytellers from Bobiceşti will tell us stories about customs and rituals related to the historical fountains of the commune.

On August 15, 2021, at 11.30 am, together with the six storytellers, we will participate for the first time in a ritual of consecration of a historical fountain, the fountain of Florescu, built by Haralambie from Bechet village, Bobiceşti commune. The event will be podcasted online.

Depending on the number of registered participants and the national regulations in force at the time of the event, the organizers will have security measures in place in relation to protection against COFID19. Events will take place outdoors!

People that wish to participate in the treasure hunt games can send us a message at: with their name and email address.

The fountain map, the fountain routes and other information about them can be accessed here: