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Lise Wulff: Sera | The Greenhouse – opening

Walk & Shoot and Caleido invite you on Saturday, October 2, from 13.00 to the opening of the artistic installation Sera | The Greenhouse. The event takes place at the University House Garden (open-air theater).

Sera | The Greenhouse focuses on a series of photographs that capture nature claiming its place in the urban space. It is the result of a collaborative process between the artist Lise Wulff and eight young people from Ferentari Studios.

Concept and guidance: Lise Wulff
Photos and post-processing: Ale, Alex Dinuț, Alexia-Adriana Șerban, Lucian Berdei, Petrișor Barbu, Robert Harisiade, Ștefania Iordache, Vlad-Andrei Roșianu

Lise Wulff is a visual artist who lives and works in Oslo. It connects the fields of art and culture with those of the environment and nature. In her works she uses a variety of materials, from painting, photography and sculpture to materials from nature, and large-scale projects. The international art project “The Scream from Nature” was included in the official celebration of Edvard Munch in 2013 and collaborates with the United Nations Environment Program. Wulff seeks to increase the visibility of the interconnection between man and nature, and her works are intentionally left to undergo changes caused by natural processes and the change of times and seasons.