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APR [Adoration of Radical Performance] at unteatru open-air

On Saturday, October 2, 2021, starting at 4 pm, unteatru open-air in the Garden of the University House hosts the performance of the APR show [Adoration of Radical Performance], a Caleido production.

Can you include in a show all the eternal gratitude and appreciation for the non-conforming bodies that, through the resistance of the dance, built the scene on which you are moving now? It’s impossible, but you will definitely have to pay tribute to them. He repeats after me: “The arms become the tool. The tool that will tell a story! ”- thanks Javier Ninja! “Let your mane continue your sentences” – thanks Leiomy Maldonado! “Forget your ego!” – Thanks Willie Ninja! Bow down in front of everything that means icon and everything that was in front of you, “because even those who left, step on the catwalk among us” – thank you Benji Hart! APR is a performance about ballroom culture, about the ways in which was born and functioned from the beginning as a resistance movement.
It focuses on the dichotomy of appreciation – cultural appropriation, guiding the audience in a self-questioning exercise.

With / By: Irina Milan, Paul Dunca / Paula Dunker, Waana Neagu, Raj Alexandru / Ramya, Alex Bălă and Octavian
Music: Alex Bălă
Costumes: Andrei Dinu

A Caleido production

Free entry based on reservation at
Duration: one hour
Place: The event takes place at the theater (44 Sfinții Apostoli Street)