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DIALOG Project – Diversity in Arts. Learning Opportunities and Growth. Guideline brochure of the drinking fountains map and related fountain customs. Bobicești, Olt.

In May 2021, within the framework of the activity A4 “Fountains of the South” a Cultural Performance Route, the Omnia Photo team completed the A4.1 sub-activity “Participatory realization of the documentary map of the public water fountains in the chosen pilot area – Bobicești Municipality, Olt County and well-related customs”. 

As part of the field research carried out, the project team mapped 57 drinking fountains, traces of past fountains, places where there were fountains located in the past, in the area of the Bobiceşti municipality and collected information on local customs related to fountains. At the end of sub-activity 4.1, a guideline brochure of the drinking fountains map and related fountain customs was developed. 

The brochure presents the entire list of the drinking fountains mapped in 2021 as well as the two cultural routes chosen by the team to be tested in practice in the next sub-activity of the project. At the same time, all the drinking fountains contained on the trails have been visually presented through the outline and detail photographs. 

The two trails include fountains, traces of past fountains and places where there were drinking fountains in the past, intended to be representative of the community and local customs, but also to show the stages of transformation of these vernacular monuments over time. 

The trails illustrate the changes that local fountains have gone through over time and space, including monuments that are linked to local customs, such as “watering the bride”.

The routes have been sized for slow tourism and the promotion of rural eco-tourism.