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Walk & Shot Fest 2021

The 2021 edition of Walk & Shoot Fest will take place between May 21 and 30 in Bucharest. For ten days there will be photo workshops with a central theme, online discussions about photography and challenges in the field, an exhibition on diversity on the performing arts scene, as well as a concept store with author prints signed by the collaborating artists of the WS program.

The nine workshops within the Walk & Shoot Fest are:

  • The theater scene is the center with Adrian Bulboacă – performance photography workshop, in which participants can take photos at the rehearsals of some of the performances within the Caleido Performing Arts Festival.
  • Behind the scene with Ioana Moldovan – documentary photography workshop – an opportunity to explore the universe of documentary photography in the backstage atmosphere of the Caleido Performing Arts Festival
  • Outside the scene with Silviu Gheţie – street photography workshop – a special photo session that will take place in the United Nations Square area and will focus on observing people and interpersonal relationships.
  • You create the scene with Andrei Păcuraru – photography workshop for teenagers – which will include all the technical notions necessary for each participant to imagine their own scene in the photos they take.
  • The people of the scene with Cristian Crisbăşan – portrait photography workshop in natural light – an opportunity to work with professional actors, in various light situations, both indoor and outdoor, in outdoor photo sessions.
  • The people of the scene with Ionuţ Staicu – studio portrait photography workshop – beauty. In collaboration with professional actors, hairstyle and professional make-up artists, participants can learn how to capture the beauty of the subject in photography.
  • The people of the scene with Horia Manolache – portrait photography workshop – character, intended for those who want to learn how to capture and represent the subject’s personality in photographs.
  • Above the scene with Cornel Lazia – roof photography workshop – dedicated to discovering the world of architectural photography on rooftops in Bucharest.
  • You create the scene with Alina Uşurelu – photo collage workshop in the darkroom for children – in which the notions of negative and positive in photography will be experienced, cutouts and compositions will be made, along with other activities.

Details about workshops and registration are available here:

Photos Jack Thompson, Ioana Moldovan, Silviu Gheţie, Andrei Păcuraru and curator Eugen Rădescu are the professionals who will provide personalized feedback, advice and guidance to each participant, in individual sessions, during the Portfolio Assessment meetings.

A series of discussions aimed at the general public and whose role is to make us question the practice of photography and to teach us how to consume photography healthier will also take place during the Walk & Shoot Fest 2021. Among the guests of the Discussions Walk & Shoot, in addition to the workshop coordinators, there are photos of Alex Gâlmeanu, Andreea Retinschi, Cristina Irian, Dinu Lazăr and Matei Bejenaru.

The discussions, moderated by Eugen Rădescu and Alina Uşurelu, will take place on ZOOM and will be broadcast on our Facebook page.

The Walk & Shoot Fest program is available here.
More details about the events:

Walk & Shoot Fest is based on photo workshops that take place annually since 2016, coordinated by professional photographers and dedicated to photographic genres, in order to tell stories, document and get to know the city and its communities.